Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giants Cookies

After my last post I just simply had to come up with a reason to try those sugar cookies with royal icing.  What better reason than the "Manning-Bowl" today.  So I made sugar cookies with Martha Stewart's recipe.

And baked them . . . 

And then I frosted them . . . 

A close up.  I LOVE it. 

And don't forget the footballs . . . we must have them.

Not to mention the Jerseys.  Complete with player names.  Yes, I got a little carried away . . . 

I just couldn't resist.  It took a long time, but was totally worth it.  If you'd like to see how they are done, go to Brown Eyed Baker's site, she gives a tutorial.

And in case you are wondering how they taste . . . ask my husband.  I think he's eaten half of them already and they've only been done for a day.

Happy Caking!

1 comment:

  1. I love that cookie recipe - used it for cut outs at Christmas!

    And I've got this hazelnut merengue recipe I'm dying to try...I wished we lived closer again!!