Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flower week / month

So, flower week was rudely interrupted by an illness . . . please forgive me for my lack of a post! However, rather than only spanning a week, flower-making has decided to span several days / almost a month! I am finishing up with all of my gum paste decorations this week in preparation for the cake which will be created next week.

Let me interrupt cake talk for one moment though. I have been searching the globe (via internet of course) for a satisfactory cinnamon muffin recipe . . . and I have found one! Now, normally I don't share recipes (proprietary bakery information . . . lol) but this one, well this one I cannot lay any claim to because it is fantastic, and needs no tweaking. Give them a try . . . they are super easy and taste fantastic . . . sort of like those home made donuts that you get from a cider mill, only less fattening and in muffin form!

Ok, back to caking. Yesterday was the day of the rose. I am still working on getting my pictures uploaded, so all I have for you is a picture of the adorable lace butterflies that I made . . . better pictures of those on the camera as well, but these will work for now. They were a little heavy on the shimmer dust, but what can I say, I'm a work in progress. I also painted the bodies with silver pearl dust, so I will take more pictures of the finished product. For instructions on making these go to . . .

Tonight, carnations, drop flowers, and lots of leaves . . . pictures to follow.

Oh and I learned a few things about gum paste:

1. Tylose gum paste ruffles beautifully for flowers and is easy to work with once you work it in. However there are some downfalls. It doesn't seem to take well to being rolled out over and over again for cut outs. It actually gets grainier and grainier, even with mixing in crisco. Also, its a bit whiter than the Wilton Brand, but not ridiculously noticeable.

2. Wilton Gum Paste (the already made container) is much easier to roll out over and over, however does not ruffle as well. That can be modified by the thickness of the gum paste . . .

of course this is just my experience, I would give it a try yourself . . .

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