Monday, August 16, 2010

The Final Tally

Okay, so my daughter fell asleep at 5:30 for the night and my husband fell asleep at 8:30. So I went a little crazy and finished the remaining flowers / leaves for the cake.

These are the remaining 4 carnations, and then 16 "drop" flowers . . .

Then came the leaves, all 120 of them . . .

The fantasy flowers were already done in pieces and needed assembled. There are 12 of them . .

And then there were the roses. My husband hung up these wonderful organizational shelves in June to give us a little more room. He had no idea that they were PERFECT for hanging flowers or that most of my cake stuff was going to take up the shelves. He is such a wonderful man for putting up with me and my obsessions. :) Either way, I laugh every time I see them so I took some pictures of them hanging and then one with the details.

The end tally for flowers/decorations:

17 - white mums
15 - pink roses
12 - purple fantasy flowers
15 - yellow daisies
12 - drop flowers (orange, purple, pink)
8 - white carnations (ready for tinting)
120 - leaves (moss green and leaf green)

The remainder of the week will be spent baking and positioning the cakes (one 6", one 8", and one 10"), covering them in fondant basketweave, and transporting them to Connecticut for the final decorations. I will try to take an in between picture of just the fondant, and then the final picture before we set up the cake in Connecticut. I'm so psyched.....

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